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Trouble shooting

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Common faults and solutions

Fault phenomenon Cause Analysis Solutions
The machine not work  1、The indicator light is red。  Insufficient battery, replace the battery.
 2、The indicator light is green。  Internal line or component failure, stop using, post-sale repair.
 3、The indicator does not light or flashes。


The battery is not inserted in place or the battery is abnormal, re-plug the battery or replace the battery to try again.

If the fault persists, it may be internal line failure, stop using, after the sale of maintenance.


The machine is working but not spinning  1、Wire tray box without Wire tray。  Install the wire tray according to the instructions
 2、Wire tray box with Wire tray


1, the wire is not installed in accordance with the instructions, please follow the instructions to re-install the wire tray.

  2, do not install special wire, please follow the instructions to install special wire.

  3, wire deformation card in the guide wire channel, clean up the deformation of the wire re-press the instructions to install.


The wire is not tight  1、low battery。  Replace the battery。
 2、Full battery。  Malfunction, to after-sales service to solve
Broken wire  1、The installation of non-dedicated wire.  Replaced dedicated wire
 2、The installation of dedicated wire  Malfunction,Send to after-service
The wire ran out of the mouth  1、Empty shot then work。  The tip of the operation is not in place, there are foreign matter to block the muzzle ring track, clean up after the re-operation
 2、Empty shot not work。  Malfunction,Send to after-service
The buzzer sounds  1、The buzzer beeps once.  Low battery, replace the battery with sufficient power
2、Motor work exception Send to after-service