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No.6 Xinye 2 nd road, Lingang road, Beijiao
town, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China

Supporting accessories

Intelligent rebar tier

Guangdong Shunde Huayan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Shunde Huayan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.( brand SURSPIDER) is located in Shunde,Guangdong, where most famous for home appliances. SURSPIDER always focus on the R&D and production of the high end electric tools. Mr. Luo is our co-founder and R&D director, who is Midea Group institute director before, leads 12 senior engineers who with more than 10 years R&D experience in electric tools, consist the most professional, innovative and powerful team for rebar tier .



Surspider intelligent rebar tier with unique design gained 15 patents and CE certificate


High efficiency.Reduce work intensity

Wide range of applications


After the completion of design, Surspider rebar tier passed 1000000 times life test, all accessories are controlled within the scientific tolerance scope, all assembly line parts must be fully qualified. Such scientific management concept and spirit of craftsmen make our Surspider rebar tier get 100% excellent performance and the most practicability.


Middle battery: Help you easily achieve continuous operation for 8 hours! 
Pry hook: Exclusive design to separate the rebar get enough space for more easier tying.
Wire coil: Iron plated Zn, anti-rust, 0.8mm wire.
Tool belt: Exclusive design to fit the rebar tier and all other accessories.
Cutter: Cutting wire for easier installation.

Inteligent reber tier - Foshan electric tools
Reinforcement strapping machine, also known as automatic rebar strapping machine (Automatic Rebar Tying Machine or Rebar tier) is a hand-held battery type bar fast strapping tool.
Standard Method for Fixed Binding of Reinforcement
When the beam and the column or the wall side usually, the beam side of the main tendons placed in the column or wall longitudinal longitudina
What are the provisions of the tie-in connection?
steel banding generally used 20 ~ 22 wire, in the allowable error range banding firm.